A Hidden Life

The Austrian Franz Jägerstätter, a conscientious objector, refuses to fight for the Nazis in World War II and is executed by them in 1943. Opening at Jägerstätter’s home in Austria’s countryside, the film follows Franz and his wife, Fani, along their path of resistance. Told through real wartime letters, this love story finds the couple in conflict with the members of their close-knit town, their church, their government, and even their friends — all of which brings them to a dramatic choice.


  1. August Diehl

    Franz Jägerstätter

  2. Valerie Pachner

    Franziska Jägerstätter

  3. Matthias Schoenaerts


  4. Bruno Ganz


  5. Jürgen Prochnow

    Major Schlegel

  6. Alexander Fehling

    Fredrich Feldmann

  7. Max Mauff


  8. Martin Wuttke

    Major Kiel

  9. Tobias Moretti

    Fr Ferdinand Fürthauer

  10. Karl Markovics


  11. Ulrich Matthes

    Lorenz Schwaninger

  12. Waldemar Kobus