Book Week

Words don't come easy.

Nicholas Cutler is a smart yet self-destructive, once famous novelist who is stuck teaching English to iPhone-addicted teenagers at a working class high school. After writing a trashy zombie story he recaptures the interest of publishers who are willing to give him a second chance as long as he can prove he has cleaned up his act. However, what could have been the best week of his life spirals into chaos and he's forced to finally put others ahead of his selfish dreams.


  1. Alan Dukes

    Nicholas Cutler

  2. Rose Riley

    Melanie Murphy

  3. Rhys Muldoon

    Blake Woodriff

  4. Susan Prior

    Lee Issen

  5. Airlie Dodds

    Sarah Steward

  6. Toby Schmitz


  7. Nicholas Hope

    Ken Cutler

  8. Khan Chittenden


  9. Steve Bastoni

  10. Tiriel Mora

    The Principal

  11. Steve Le Marquand


  12. Matilda Ridgway