Petra doesn’t know who her father is. Her entire life, it’s been hidden from her. After the death of her mother, she embarks on a search that leads her to Jaume, a famous artist and a powerful, ruthless man. On her path to uncovering the truth, Petra also meets Jaume’s son, Lucas, as well as Marisa, his mother and Jaume’s wife. That is when the story of these characters begins to intertwine in a spiral of malice, family secrets and violence that drives them all to the edge. But fate’s cruel logic is derailed by a twist that opens a path to hope and redemption.

Freaks of Nature - Party Dress and Blood Cans

Mackenzie Davis' Party Dress and Cans of Blood from 'Freaks of Nature'

Vampires, humans and zombies used to get along in Dillford, but now it's an all-out mortal combat. It's up to three teenagers to try to get things back to "normal." Petra (as portrayed by Mackenzie Davis) was bitten by Milan (as portrayed by Ed Westwick) at her first ever Vamp party.