In a volatile election season, a team from Kerala Police, led by SI Manikandan has been dispatched to Basthar, a Maoist area for election duty. But the team is abysmally armed with just lathis, shields, and guns they are hardly trained to use. Will they survive the impending Maoist attack, the land mines, et al? Or will they be provided ammunition on time?


  1. Mammootty

  2. Shine Tom Chacko

  3. Dileesh Pothan

  4. Jacob Gregory

  5. Arjun Ashokan

  6. Sudhhy Kopa

  7. Ranjith

    C. I. Mathews Anthony

  8. Omkar Das Manikpuri


  9. Kalabhavan Shajon

    Sam J. Matan

  10. Rony David Raj

    PC Aji Peter

  11. Easwari Rao


"IT" Pops Up and Terrifies LA Residents

"IT" Pops Up and Terrifies LA Residents

A rickety, ramshackle house that was raised on the corner of Hollywood and Vine last month is actually brand new. It's designed to scare you into seeing "It," the Stephen King book that is now a movie. What is It? Well, it isn't just the scariest pronoun ever, It is also a clown, but not a funny one.