"IT" Pops Up and Terrifies LA Residents

A rickety, ramshackle house that was raised on the corner of Hollywood and Vine last month is actually brand new. It's designed to scare you into seeing "It," the Stephen King book that is now a movie. What is It? Well, it isn't just the scariest pronoun ever, It is also a clown, but not a funny one.

Still, hundreds are heading inside the spooky structure where even more creepy clowns await. But if you think that's scary, you may be terrified by the line. But for many, the wait is worth it since the experience is totally free.

The haunted house is formally known as the "It Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood."

It's been up and running for a few weeks now, but the movie opens on Friday and the whole sinister spook house comes down on Sunday.

Sold Out but accepting walk ups.. if you dare!

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