Star Wars Episode IX is proving to be extremely dramatic - and filming hasn't even started yet!

Filming was also supposed to start before the end of 2017, but a report from Variety has indicated that filming will now commence in June 2018. It's not surprising; after the unfortunate and tragic passing of Star Wars Princess, Carrie Fisher - numerous re-writes and changes to the storyline have been necessary, since Leia was to play a major role in the original outline. Afterall, Harrison Ford played a central role in The Force Awakens; Mark Hamill gets The Last Jedi; and Fisher then, was the intended focus in Episode 9.

Executive Producer Kathleen Kennedy had said they pretty much started over following Fisher's death - though a script had not been finished at that point. Apparently unhappy with Treverrow and Derek Connolly's updates, and after making several passes with Jack Thorne in attempt to clean it up, Lucasfilm have now brought JJ Abrams back on board, who will be working with screenwriter Chris Terrio. It's unsure if they're going to start from scratch, or try to use the bones of what Treverrow and Connolly have created.

I guess we won't know till the writing credits are announced! As an avid Star Wars fan since 1977, all I can say is.. if you need help JJ, I'm here for you! No need to send a droid.. an email will do ;)